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The legal cannabis industry is booming across the United States, Canada, and the world. More and more places are legalizing. Marijuana is no longer a business in the shadows where you know a guy who knows a guy, major marketing efforts are underway by all the large and successful cannabis companies.


The big players in the alcohol and tobacco industry even want in on the ganja business now. Secure a quality domain name for your business, protect the branding of a prospective future pot startup, or invest in memorable weed domain names that have the potential to grow in value substantially as more companies enter the trade, and less names are available. All of the names offered for sale have been selected by experts in marketing, branding, and search engine optimization as ideal names for communicating the 420 product or service you offer.


There are many facets to the cannabis industry. When many people think of the legal pot industry, they might be picturing someone working in a grow house, or perhaps a legal budtender, and while these roles are certainly important and attractive career opportunities in the pot industry, it certainly requires more roles than just these two to run a successful cannabusiness and get the mary jane product to market. Our domain names offered for sale are not limited to one small portion of the business, but encompasses everything from dispensaries, to doctors, lawyers, financial and tax professionals, delivery services, edibles producers, seed sellers, pot cafes, growing, special events, etc. No matter what your exact role is in the cannabis industry, we are sure to have an attractive domain name that will aid in your marketing, searchability, and branding efforts.


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Our domains can all be purchased through a secure online sales platform that utilizes an escrow system, in which we do not receive payment until we have transferred the domain to you, and we do not see your payment information either. Discounts are available for clients who are willing to make payment directly, as it reduces our processing costs. Payments can be made via credit card, check, or wire transfer.


We offer
memorable and marketable cannabis web domain names for all your legal marijuana cannabiz needs!

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We have done the hard work for you. With the growth of the legal pot business, people have been snapping up 420 related marijuana domain names, both for their own business use and as an investment. Because of this, getting a good name for a marijuana industry business has become very difficult. Our marketing experts have spent considerable time and made a large investment researching relevant cannabis keywords and names in order to make the necessary purchases to build a portfolio of names for sale that will allow your business to succeed in the industry. Our products are an investment, designed to pay for themselves and help you run a profitable marijuana company, while also being able to be resold in the future, with the potential to significantly gain value. Our generic cannabis names can appeal to everyone from the mom and pop growers to Fortune 500 corporations seeking to join in the green rush of everyone going legal.



We provide weed names you can’t get otherwise!

Cannabis has been the next big thing for a long time, in our competitive dog eat dog world, cannabis business people and internet domain name investors have been already bought up all the good names. cannabis plantWhile we all would have the ability to take a time machine back to the start of the internet and register all the good domains that were available years ago, we have to live with the new crowded internet. But thankfully our service allows you to own the reefer domain name for your mary jane sweet skunk smelling kush canna business, that you could never get any other way. Your business might be new, but we offer domain names that were first registered long before recreational marijuana became legal, and when medical marijuana was a new thing in California.

Personalized Pot Name Service

We know we have a lot of names listed and if you find the selection overwhelming, get in touch with us and let us know what your needs our.

woman roll jointYour time is valuable and our marketing professionals can help you find the name that best suits your legal marijuana enterprise needs by letting us know what the business, product, or service is that the name will be utilized for, and the geographic location of the target market. We can make sure you don’t miss great names that can help expand your business. We are glad to be part of your success.

All-American customer service you can understand who understand mary jane

It can be frustrating to deal with customer service when communication barriers become apparent. All of our marketing, sales, and customer service staff are either native or highly fluent English speakers who can help meet your needs without any difficulty. We do our best to accommodate speakers of other languages, as some of our team are billingual.budtender We understand the cannabis industry and the needs of the cannabis consumer. Our names domain offered are built around names and search terms that are used in the legal weed industry lingo.

Memorable Marijuana Names

When you purchase an internet domain name through us, you gain a memorable brand identity for your business. Gone are the days when simply being a weed shop was enough to drive business.

deer funnyThere is a lot of competition in the marijuana retail field. If you have a good domain that people can easily remember, or will show up in the search results, perhaps for a geographic or generic product name, you will gain customers this way. Once you own a domain name, as long as you renew it annually for a very small fee, you can keep the name forever. Other forms of advertising require large payments constantly to carry out a marketing campaign. Our domain names offer you the lifetime ability to keep a name registered that can expand your brand identity and business.

Choosing a cannabis domain name


Some of our ganja domain names are generic, and could be used for a small pot business or even a large corporate 420 brand. Others are geographically based, and designed around promoting a cannabis business for a specific locality. Depending on the kind of business you operate, plan to operate, or if the name is an investment can help you best decide on what marketing approach you want to take. Our customer support team is glad to offer opinions and advice on name purchases for your marijuana business, so feel reassured that you can always get the best advice necessary for your domain name branding purchase.


Marijuana edibles, delivery, and weed dispensaries

Your specific products can benefit from their own domain names used to market your product, service, or shop to potential customers. woman smoking weedWith many people new to legal pot becoming legal customers, there are a lot of people searching for legal marijuana businesses. After all, the black market dealers didn’t have the same selection as the legal mega retailers or dispensary chains these days. Marijuana edibles, cannabis wax bho, vape pens, gummy bears, prerolled joints, dabs, hash, and vaporizers are all specific items that customers want to buy, and people want delivery of their pot. We can make sure your brand identity and searchability maximizes your business potential. Your domain name investment is an investment in your business.



Pot industry

While others might be out there just trying to make a quick buck, MarijuanaDomainNames.NET is operated by people who know the marijuana industry and have a love for cannabis. kush in handAs consumers of cannabis, medical patients, entrepreneurs, growers, and caregivers, we are able to help you come up with a marketing strategy via domain names that will make sense to people in the industry. People who don’t know the industry might pick a name that sounds goofy to pot people, but you won’t have that problem with us. Our team has worked in marketing for large cannabis businesses, all the way down to small non-profit collectives. We have been there for activism and supporting legalization efforts. The cannabis community is our community.

Who purchases marijuana domains?

Many different kinds of people are interested in premium pot domain names, with people who before never had any interest in pot now seeing a lucrative business opportunity. weed jarsEven formerly anti-weed Ohio Congressman Boehner is now working for a marijuana company! Times are changing fast! Everyone from dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, accountant, tax professionals, growers, etc. purchase new domain names for their marijuana businesses. Edibles and concentrate manufactures are now selling their hash brownies and butane hash oil, with a memorable domain name assisting their business efforts.

An investment opportunity without legal risk

While marijuana is legal in a lot of the United States now, it is still not legal everywhere (yet!), but even where it is legal, and there’s still a draconian federal legal framework to contend with, plus sometimes it can require a lot of startup capital to start a new legal pot shop. holding moneyPeople looking to invest in the marijuana business who are unable or unwilling to put money into a dispensary or growing business can invest in legal marijuana by purchasing and maintaining the registration of a premium marijuana domain name, with greater demand rising for these names as more states and countries decide to end marijuana prohibition and legalize it! If you are living somewhere that pot isn’t yet legal, a domain name is your chance to invest in the legal marijuana industry. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects your right to own a marijuana domain name, so even if pot isn’t yet legal in your state, you can still legally own a marijuana domain name as a green investment, that is likely to get HIGHER in value as legalization takes over America.

Getting ready for new products

Even if your marijuana business is already established, we can still provide domain names that will allow you to capture new markets from new cannabis products.

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As legalization, vaporization, and health consciousness grows, new forms of consumption and distribution of cannabis are constantly being developed and new trends become popular. With a diverse selection of names your pot company can be ready for the next big product, and make sure cannabis consumers looking to make a purchase are able to find and learn about the products you have to offer. Life moves fast, and so does legal marijuana. We can put you on the cutting edge of cannabis.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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Starting a licensed dispensary delivery service in California, I was able to get an easy to remember and catchy name from MarijuanaDomainNames.NET that has helped me build a business in a growing industry.

Dispensary Owner
Los Angeles, California

When you’re running dispensaries in a competitive market, it is important that people can find you. Thanks to MarijuanaDomainNames.NET, we show up on local searches.

Dispensary Investor
Portland, Oregon

Thanks to our new domain, we are getting more hits and sales have increased. Thank you, MarijuanaDomainNames.NET!

Edibles Manufacture
Denver, Colorado

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In 1996, California became the first U.S. state to successfully legalize medical cannabis, and enact a law that resulted in patients being able to access marijuana for medicinal purposes after the passage of Prop 215. After California, other states such as Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon were among the first medical marijuana states. Since then numerous states have legalized marijuana for medicinal and now adult recreational use for weed smokers over age 21 or medical cannabis patients with a qualifying condition and a doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana card.cannabis legalization cartoon

The modern U.S. marijuana industry was born out of the non-profit medical cannabis collective movement under Prop 215 in California, started around San Francisco and Oakland, with proponent Dennis Peron and co-author of the California Compassionate Use Act (1996) medical marijuana law, later SB 420 was passed in California to provide a legislative framework for retail collectives. Colorado and Washington State became the first U.S. states in 2012 to legalize retail sale of cannabis to adults at least 21 years of age. Canada has also legalized marijuana.

With the large retail industry for medical marijuana, recreational cannabis, vaporizers, vape pens, hash, edibles, kief, kush, and growing supplies, it is no wonder that legal pot is spreading across America like a weed. The domain names offered for sale enable you to be part of the green rush with the digital marketing value of a premium domain name. Marijuana lawyers can also benefit from the usage of a cannabis 420 domain name, specific to their specialty as drug defense lawyers or as marijuana business lawyers, or even marijuana tax lawyers. People who are experts in the field of marijuana also need to maintain websites and a generic domain name can help client for growing experts or court expert witnesses for medicinal ganja cases. Herb is going to be legalized federally soon, and when that occurs the industry will be larger than anything we have seen at the state level. Domain names are getting stoned.

We offer domain names related to marijuana dispensaries with both generic and geographic names covering medical marijuana and recreational marijuana states and countries with major cities, marijuana growing including lights seeds plants and soil, marijuana banking and credit card services, marijuana careers job hiring, marijuana business credit card processing, cannabis testing, medical marijuana, cannabis edibles, pot cookies, 420 seeds, medical marijuana baked goods, marijuana travel, marijuana businesses, butane hash oil, marijuana concentrates, marijuana defense lawyer, marijuana criminal lawyer, marijuana attorney, marijuana consultants, marijuana drinks, marijuana sodas, marijuana California, marijuana New York, cannabis testing labs, marijuana grow lights, marijuana growers, marijuana bongs, marijuana hash, marijuana doctors, medical marijuana recommendations, and medical marijuana cards.

Some potheads like indoor, others like outdoor, some people like to smoke, other people like to vaporize or eat edibles. There is now a choice between flower, wax, oil, shake, pot candy, weed cookies, cannabis beverages, marijuana lozenges, and oral sprays. With legal marijuana the industry has opened up new possibilities and our domain names allow your business to reach it’s potential with legal 420 being marketed effectively.

Even head shops and pipe sellers would benefit from our large selection of domain names. Your name is your brand, and the internet is the new shopping mall. You can become a major retailer in this new marketplace with proper internet marketing, which as well all know requires a good domain name. As we all know, the most popular websites have easy to remember, and catchy domain names. Your business should too if you want to be a successful pot entrepreneur!

Modern consumers are buying chronic in the dispensary, having the green goddess delivered to their homes or offices with delivery services, growing their own reefer, or still buying from a black market dealer if they live in a state where it is still illegal or too expensive, but still probably wants to visit a legal pot state. With the right name, you can show up on web searches and come into contact with all these potential customers. We even have domain names for 420 tour companies that offer weed tours in legal places.

Take a look at our names, and you can easily begin the purchase process. We hope our unique, and memorable selection of kush internet website names will benefit your business, and want to provide you with the best branding possible to see your business prosper. We appreciate our customers.

We want to see cannabis legalized everywhere and an end to the War on Drugs. Support socially responsible cannabis shops in your area to benefit the community and provide living wage jobs to people including patients.

Our legal cannabis business customers come from Washington state pot domains, Oregon marijuana domain names, California marijuana names, Nevada reefer domains, Utah kush domains, Arizona medical marijuana websites, Montana 420 domain, Colorado recreational marijuana domain name, New Mexico pot names, Alaska legal weed names, Hawaii marijuana shop names, North Dakota marijuana growing domain names, Oklahoma medical cannabis delivery domain names, Arkansas marijuana legal doctor domains, Missouri marijuana criminal defense lawyer domain, Illinois legal pot tax lawyer domain name, Minnesota marijuana edibles domain names, Michigan marijuana business lawyer website, Louisiana pot grow lights domain, Florida, West Virginia cannabis pipes domains, Puerto Rico marijuana club domains, Ohio marijuana drink websites, Pennsylvania marijuana tours domain name, New Jersey recreational marijuana domain name, New York NYC legal pot websites, Delaware medical marijuana card websites, Connecticut weed dispensary domains, Massachusetts legal marijuana stores, New Hampshire marijuana wax stores domain, Maine marijuana internet, Vermont legal adult use pot domains, and we also have 420 domain names for Canada and other legal smoking places.

If you need to hire cannabis industry workers we have domain names that can be used to either establish a general hiring website or one for your specific company. In all fields within the industry we offer a variety of generic and geographic local domain names for your cannabusiness. Some people will prefer a local name and others want to think bigger with their brand. Either way, we’re here to make sure your business has the name that will do the best for your marketing plan.

People still get arrested for marijuana so lawyers should still invest in a good domain name to advertise their services to people facing state or federal possession, growing, distribution, selling, or conspiracy charges. A lawyer who uses a good domain name combined with good site content, with the kinds of names we offer, can make their services available to the people who need them who are searching online trying to find information. Investing in one of our names for a cannabis lawyer means lots of business easily being found online. An attorney might choose a generic marijuana name we offer for a geographic area, or a legal industry specific name. But not all pot lawyers deal with criminal law cases, others strictly deal with the newly legal cannabis dispensary and production industry which is tightly regulated with lots of licensing, zoning, and inspection requirements. A good domain means people can find you and you have a strong reputable image for your company.

Some people want to work as budtenders or learn to become growers and we offer names that fit into both training and consulting programs for various states. Other people really like edibles and we have names for that as well. Even hospitality businesses like cannabis hotels and restaurants can find names we have available for purchase. Everything from indica to sativa, from dabs to pot laced cookies we have a name so grab a bowl light up a joint, plant a seed, and buy a name.

Our customer service is top shelf, and we will work with you to meet your needs. We are happy to hear from you. Peace and pot. Don’t spill the bong water.


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